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Oct 29, 2017

With improvements made to the mobile device every year, the number of functions that are made possible with the mobile apps. With the progressive introduction of more cameras that are higher quality to a fingerprint scanner that can be used for a variety of purposes, the continual development of the mobile device creates opportunities for apps that may not be known by many users. Given the millions of apps that are available across both the App Store and Google Play Store, this article discusses the ones that offer a significant amount of value but are lesser known.

Natural Cycles, Birth Control (iOS/Android)

While there are many contraception methods that are designed to prevent unplanned pregnancies, an unlikely method of doing so is through mobile apps. Beyond expensive medication or physical barriers, Natural Cycles is a simple app that is regarded as the only certified birth control app that lets its user know when they are fertile and when they need to use some form of contraception. Although there has been much debate whether the app is effective or not, it is now classified as a medical device which is certified as a method of birth control. All that a user has to do is answer a series of health question from when their last period was and how long their cycle usually is. From there, they measure their temperature with an external thermometer which then prompts the app to either indicate a green or red marker. A green marker means that the user cannot get pregnant whereas as a red marker means that they should use protection. Given the simplicity of the app despite its complex nature, it is perfect for women who want to approach family planning naturally.

Carrr Matey (Android)

When in a large parking lot, it can be easy to forget where your car is parked amongst the hundreds or thousands of cars. For this reason, different tools have been designed to help users easily find their cars if they forget where it is. Carrr Matey is an app that leverages the GPS to locate where a user’s car is parked. All that a user has to do is turn on their GPS once their car is parked, click the “Drop Anchor” button to indicate that this is their parking location, and then continue on with their day. If they then cannot remember where their car is parked at a later time, they can then turn on the app to figure out where their anchor is with a map and compass. With a friendly and useful interface, Carrr Matey is an app that has always is needed by many people who regularly forget where they have parked their car but is not yet realized to exist.

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Apps for Pets – iSqueek – Dog Squeak Toys (iOS)

The realm of mobile apps and technology is no longer exclusive to owners and people, but has spread to encompass pets as the users as well. One particular app that exists with pets as the target market is iSqueek which lets dogs interact with a squeak toy when they put they touch the screen. With different kinds of squeaky toys that vary and color and shapes, the pets are able to interact with several different squeak toys through the device as opposed to interacting with them physically. With strengthen displays, this app poses little damage risk to the phone as the materials that it is made of is designed to withstand immense damages. Although this particular app is designed for the dog owner demographic, other apps also exist for other pets to include cats as well. Extremely simple in nature, the fact that may surprise many is that apps even exist for animals as traditionally, the realm of technology has been nearly exclusive to people, making iSqueeks an app that not many people knew existed.

Signal Private Messenger (iOS/Android)

Privacy is a growing concern for millions of people around the world. Not only is data and information sought by individuals with malicious intent, but governments and organizations are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they have access to. For this reason, many mobile phone users assume that nothing can be done to protect their privacy and ignore the situation altogether. However, Signal Private Messenger is a mobile app that performs a series of functions to maximize privacy. This includes automatically deleting message as well as encrypting the information that is passed through text messages and calls. In having the app perform these functions, users can ensure that there is a heightened level of security for all of the communication activities. Extremely easy to use, Signal Private Messenger is one of the few tools that are effective in enhancing security and is even recommended by Edward Snowden, a whistle-blower and privacy advocate who is recognized as one of the most trusted sources in all things security and privacy related. As a lesser known app that is dedicated to security, it is one that not many people know exist to increase their overall privacy.

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While millions of apps exist between the App Store and Google Play Store, there are many that are not as known despite the value that they can provide. The ones listed in this article may not be immediately recognized, but can provide a significant amount of both practical as well as entertainment value.

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