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Jan 6, 2011

The user experience design on the iPhone is probably the single largest reason why people love their iPhones. Apple sets really high standards for UI, and apps need to retain or even exceed the bar set by Apple. The following apps are the ones that I think do just that.

Pastebot — Command Copy & Paste

Tapbots are probably the most well known UI designers of the iOS world, and Pastebot is one of the coolest apps they have created.


Calcbot — The Intelligent Calculator and Unit Converter

Created in collaboration between heavyweights: Tapbots and TapTapTap, how can this not be a killer user experience? Calculators were never so cool!



TapTapTap’s endeavor in creating the best camera app for the iPhone sure delivers some great results. I used to hate the pseudo SLR camera interface, which they have removed in the latest revision. Hence it deserves to be in the list.


Awesome Note 2 (Tasks/Calendar/To-do List/Journal)

Quite a non stantard user experience, but stunningly well designed, and a joy to use.


Localscope – Find places and people around you

My Favoritest app in the Appstore, takes on the Apple UI paradigm, and extends it with uber cool UI elements like the icon slider, cell slider, pull up to page, etc. All of this topped with some great sounds make you feel like you are using a device of the future!



Earlier known as tweetie, created by atebits, now acquired by twitter, this app retains the Apple look and feel but goes beyond Apple UI by providing nifty additional UI elements such as pull to refresh, sliding cells in lists, etc. A flawless user experience.


Trip Journal

Trip journal takes the ‘graphical UI mimicking real world objects’ to the next level. The old paper textures make you trip journal look like a real old book. Though Apple UI Purists might contest the inclusion of this app in this list, and usually so would I, but I think their execution is extraordinary


Momento Classic

The best diary / journal interface out there in the AppStore. A charm to look at and use. The developers have gone to great depths in creating a user experience compliant with Apple design metafors, yet extending the UI to give the feeling of browsing your personal diary.


Adobe Ideas

A sketching app thats quite different from the default Apple user experience and takes on the Flat UI paradigm. Which works perfectly for a sketching app by being out of the way letting you focus on your canvas at hand.


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