Apps to Use While Housecleaning

Jan 10, 2011

Housecleaning is a good opportunity to daydream, but I prefer to use the time listening to music and programs. These apps make housecleaning less of a chore.

This American Life

If you loved story time as a child, why not let Ira Glass and his slew of storytellers present original, quirky stories from this award-winning public radio program? The app is 2.99, but I consider this a donation to public radio.



iTunes allows you to search for and download podocasts- of which there are way too many to count. One I would recommend, however, is The Moth Podcast, a collection of short stories (around 20 minutes or shorter) that’ll have you sniffling, smiling, or occasionally laughing out loud as you wash those dishes or mop that floor. Car Talk is another popular and entertaining podcast that will have you guffawing as the Magliozzi brothers try to solve callers’ car problems.



While iTagPlayer isn’t my favorite playlist creator, it is handy for creating a playlist based on certain tags. If you’re in the mood for songs by female vocalists but don’t have such a list in your iPod, fire up iTagPlayer and choose Female Vocalists. All songs on your iPod that have been tagged by users worldwide using that term will be played.


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