Apps to teach Emotions

Mar 11, 2012

Understanding emotions is a difficult skill for many students with special needs. These apps have been great in helping me bridge what I am already doing with real life images and actions

Feel Electric!

Awesome, uses teenagers and middle school, many emotions described, taught in games, has a journal element


First Words Feelings

Kids match letters to spell feeling words


Moody Monster Manor HD

Fun game like app where you design and build monsters with different moods, great for talking about feelings


ABA Flash Cards & Games – Emotions

Receptive language app using real photos, some emotions are tricky so good for older


Touch and Learn – Emotions

Similar receptive language, touch 1 of 4 photos depicting emotions in context, also address young, old, man women etc


I Was So Mad – Little Critter

Little Critters story comes to life


Feelings Book

book talking about emotions, cute for your students


VolaFriends HD

Very cool app that shows 9 adult faces, pick, one and it animates the emotion and provides the label


iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids Free

Preschool app with short clips of emotions and games, make a face with feelings


Baboon Bert

Funny story about a baboon who is self conscious about his bare bottom, great for talking about difference and acceptance


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