Apps to Show Off Your iPhone

Jan 14, 2010

I am a real tech enthusiast, and I love to show my friends great stuff I discover. When I got my iPhone for work, I immediately went looking for whiz bang software. So, these are apps to show your friends and family how cool your iPhone is.

SoundHound ∞ hands-free with “OK Hound” | Search, Discover and Play Music

Be a music genius. If you know someone that likes music, they will love Midomi SoundHound. Hold your iPhone to a song playing on the radio or have your friend hum a favourite tune and SoundHound will tell you what’s playing. Push a button and see a YouTube video of the performers. Teenagers love, love seeing this app for the first time.


Dragon Dictation

Keyboard, I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Keyboard. That your little iPhone would be capable of accurate voice transcription amazes people. Dragon Dictation achieves this trick by processing your voice clips in the cloud and sending the text back to your phone. Laugh at the debate about hard keyboards versus touch ones — you have type with no hands.


Mix Me In Plus

Karaoke meets Guitar Hero. With MixMeIn, your friends get to be both band manager and performer. Choose a popular tune, select the instruments you want to hear and add in your own vocals or instrument track. Finally, you can upload your creation to the Web and immortalize your performance.


Remote HD Lite

Command your world from your phone. There’s several remote control apps for iPhone that allow you to take control of your desktop and your computer media collection. Doing this over the internet with your iPhone truly impresses people. Remote Jr. Lite is simply one of the less expensive apps in this category and it goes on sale now and then.

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RL Classic

The market haggler meets the digital age. Have a shopping buddy scan a UPC code while in a store. Next thing they know, they will be getting info on the product and pricing elsewhere at retail and online. Unfortunately, does not have as much non-United States info.


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