Apps to Keep You on Your New Year’s Resolution

Dec 30, 2017

The statistics around New Year’s resolutions can be staggering in terms of how popular it is and how many people actually achieve their goal. For example, nearly half of Americans make a New Year’s resolution to either change some part of their behavior while roughly only 8% of these people actually achieve their goal by the end of the year. Given the disconnect that exists between those who are setting goals and those who are actually achieving them, this article explores the apps that can be used to help users increase their chances of meeting their New Year’s resolution.

To Lose Weight: Lose It! – Calorie Counter (iOS/Android) and Fitness & Bodybuilding (iOS/Android)

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for millions of people. Although a broad goal to have, there are a large number of apps that are available to help users lose weight consistently. For example, users can either reduce their caloric intake, increase the amount of exercise that they do, or a combination of both to achieve this goal. In terms of effectively managing the amount of calories that is consumed, Calorie Counter is an app that makes tracking calories extremely easy. All that is required from the user is to record the foods that they have eaten and in what quantities to measure trends over a period of time. Although recording every food that is consumed can be a tedious process, the app is one that offers the ability for users to take a picture of their food while the app identifies the content. In being able to do this, the process of tracking consumption patterns is made more streamlined and without friction.

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On the other hand, losing weight can also be done through regular exercise. While many people go to the gym in January but then are quickly bored or lose motivation, going on a consistent basis is the best method for losing weight. Through apps such as Fitness & Bodybuilding, users who are new to the fitness space are able to identify their workout goals and the exercises that can be done to meet this target. With a range of exercises that can be used with or without equipment, the app can introduce various forms of exercise that accommodates all budgets for those looking to get fit in a simple way. Beyond displaying the various workouts that can be done, Fitness & Bodybuilding also tracks the workout activities that has been completed as well as help to identify realistic goals through templates such as how many times a user wants to work out per week. As a highly comprehensible guide and tracker to workouts, Fitness & Bodybuilding is a recommended app for those who have weight loss as their New Year’s resolution.

To Enjoy Life: TaskRabbit – Handyman & More (iOS/Android)

Not surprisingly, the second most popular New Year’s resolution is to simply enjoy life more. Although this is a vague goal to have that can have a lot of interpretations for different people, it can be assumed that spending time on manual, boring tasks does not contribute to this resolution. For this reason, TaskRabbit is a must-have for those who are currently spending a lot of time on tasks that they do not want to be doing. By being able to pay for services on demand such as yard work or putting together furniture, users are able to spend more time doing things that bring value to their life.  As each of the “Taskers” are vetted before being able to post their services, users get the highest quality work without having to pay extremely expensive rates. As hiring others to do a manual task is a great way to save time, TaskRabbit is perfect for those who wish to spend more time on things that are important to them to ultimately enjoy life more.

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To Spend Less Money: Mint:Personal Finance & Money (iOS/Android)

The next most popular New Year’s resolution is to spend less money. Although this can be difficult given the increase in prices as a result of inflation, a tool that can help in tracking and managing spending is Mint which manages all of the finances in a single place to give users an overview of their financial habits. For example, by connecting the credit and debit cards to the app, users can see exactly what they are spending their money on without having to manually enter in each purchase. For transactions that are in cash, the transactions are manually entered in order to accurately capture spending habits. Beyond simply tracking where money is being allocated, users are able to set budgets and then see how they are performing in order to meet their financial goals which makes Mint a great tool for those who wish to spend less money in the upcoming year.

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To Spend More Quality Time: Heads Up (iOS/Android)

Another popular resolution is to spend more quality time with loved ones, especially other family members. One of the most engaging activities that a family can do together is to enjoy games. Although traditional games are board based, this is often considered to be out-dated given the setup and cleanup process. With the introduction of mobile apps, however, users have access to millions of games that can be played in seconds. One of the best games that has been made popular by the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is Heads Up which has users guessing various people, icons, and accents through clues and gestures. As a game that is extremely easy and age-appropriate for any demographic, it offers countless hours of fun at an extremely low cost. However, Heads Up is only an example of the thousands of games that are available in the mobile space and so there are many others that are able to increase the amount of quality time spent with family. For this reason, games are a perfect medium for those who wish to spend more time with loved ones as a New Year’s resolution.

Given that so many people set New Year’s resolutions while only a small fraction end up achieving their goals, the apps listed in this article are able to significantly help close the gap. From losing weight to saving money, these are the most popular resolutions that are made and hence these tools are made highly applicable for millions of people around the world every year.

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