Apps to help you survive a date disaster

May 21, 2010

Dating is tricky enough as it is. Having an iPhone can sometimes make you even more available than you’d like to be. I’m one push notification away from hiding it under a pillow. These apps will help you avoid or survive even the worst of dating disasters.

Italian Cuisine Recipes

Have your own Lady and the Tramp moment with a plate full of pasta. Don’t have a recipe? No problem. Consider this app your personal chef (except you have to do the cooking.) This app is full of romantic meal ideas.


Date Smart – Dating Ideas

Based on your zip code, Date Smart will generate a ton of ideas for what you could do on your date. It has categories that even include first date options. Never settle for just dinner and a movie again!


Awesome Pickups Lite

This might actually encourage a dating disaster, but if the object of your affection has a sense of humor, these will be a hit.


Excuse Me – Free

This app is your scapegoat when you just HAVE to get out of there. You can set a timer for a fake call to go off. It even displays the “slide to answer” image.



Created by, a social network for the single, BadDates makes it easy to not only vent about the date from hell, but you can also get advice from other users.


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