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Mar 10, 2010

I travel for work from time to time & also live in a city that has a lot to offer. I use these apps to help me navigate the city & discover new places.

San Francisco “At a Glance” City Guide – Free

I use the San Francisco one but it’s available for many cities all over the world. It’s a city guide that will help you navigate the city that you are in depending on what you want to do whether it be lodging, nightlife, shopping, etc.



It uses the iPhone’s GPS to give you restaurants near by whose menu is available online. Not only does it give you a menu but also the profile of the restaurant, reviews & directions. Very easy to use as well.


Curb – The Taxi App

Finding a cab has never been easier. You can text or use the iPhone app to get a cab at a specific location & time. Once you set up your account online, you don’t even need to whip out your credit card to pay. Everything is done electronically.



Similar to UrbanSpoon but what makes me use this app is that you an give it information as to what you are looking for (dinner, brunch, date night, out with parents, etc) and it will recommend a restaurant based on that criteria.


Groupon – Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Discounts on Local Restaurants, Events, Hotels, Yoga & Spas

A great way to discover new restaurants, bars and services in you area at a discounted price.


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