Apps To Get You Fired

Oct 21, 2011

I’m not a huge fan of meetings. Far too often they involve talking about things that don’t involve me or things that could have been handled by a basic discussion or email. While it’s never good to be distracted these apps will get you in trouble so don’t look at them… just don’t do it.

Why? Because you’re going to literally LOL

Damn You Auto Correct

I love and hate this site. I love it because it’s absolutely hilarious. I hate it because I have actually laughed out loud during a meeting by looking at this app. If you wanna get fired for bursting out laughing while in a meeting this is the app for you!


I Can Has Cheezburger The Official Mobile App

Cute cats, funny captions. You might not LOL but you’ll likely smile. Just make sure you don’t time it with some horrible announcement. But then how would you know? You’re not paying attention!


FML : FMyLife

This app (and site) can be hit and miss but when it’s on it’s hilarious. It almost makes things worse as you might not be prepared to LOL and it’ll sneak up on you with a super funny at just that time.


Savage Love

Love Dan. Love the app and love his advice but for most of us this is the very definition of Not Work Safe.


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