Apps to End Sexual Assault

Sep 1, 2010

Today I’m at the National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood. As I sit here with TechSoup teaching people to use Social Media I thought about what iPhone apps might be available to talk about sexual assault or prevent sexual assault. Would there be any? Yup, of course, there is indeed an app for that.

Do you have any to add to this list?

Sexual Assault Awareness

An app developed by People Against a Violent Environment, a non-profit organization in Wisconsin, this app helps bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault. Get this app and learn more about the topic.


Safety Button

Use your iPhone to alert others if you’re in danger. Send a text message with your position, send an email with your position, sound an alarm and make a distress call to anyone you choose.


I’m Being Assaulted

Similar to Safety Button this app sends a message to whomever you choose with a help message and your GPS coordinates.


DV Awareness

Also developed by People Against a Violent Environment, this app helps bring awareness to domestic violence. Learn more about this important topic and help support this great organization.


Am I Safe?

I wouldn’t use this app as your only resource for places to go and quite obviously just because many people feel safe in a given area it doesn’t mean safety is guaranteed. That said, knowing places people feel are generally unsafe is worth having, especially if you’re new to an area or travelling.


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