Apps to be financially organized year-round

Apr 5, 2012

While I get sparks of motivation to keep my financial information in order during tax season and just after the new year, being organized year-round is a bit of a trick. These apps help

Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

This app (and site) streamlines all of your financial information and puts everything in one place. Bank accounts, recurring expenses, credit cards, it’s all there. It’s free, and even the promotional articles provide value.


Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner

Go from literally keeping receipts and bank statements in a shoebox to digitally archiving them with your iPhone with this great app.


Bloomberg for iPad

In my option, Bloomberg is the premier source of financial information and stock quotes. The iPad app doesn’t disappoint.


Chase Mobile℠

While this app would serve little purpose without be banking at Chase, as a customer, I value it to store my account info and point me to branches and ATMs in my area.


Bump Pay

This app combines the magic of Bump – which exchanges contact info with others when touching their devices – and Paypal. Great for splitting the tab at the bar. No need to throw down multiple cards.


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