Apps that WOW.

Feb 17, 2011

Wow. These apps are impressive!

iTrailMap (Ski and Snowboard trail maps)

Download the trail, so you can always have it handy on your iphone. Smart. This app had every mountain I could think of and I don’t think it’s missing any. Wow.


IntoNow from Yahoo

This app is too cool to be true! I’m sure this technology must have other uses that will catch on soon. In brief, it takes sound and identifies it. For example, your favorite song or TV show. Wow!


Google Translate


The speech recognition feature is very, very impressive. Choose the language you speak and speak what you want it to translate. The translated text appears on the screen. Almost every language is included. My only wish is that my iphone would pronounce this new phrase, so that I could say it correctly. Either this feature is not included, or I can’t find it? Seems odd. Any suggestions? Of course you can also type in the text, but that’s just not as fun! WOW


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