Apps that Wow May 2011

May 6, 2011


ARG Tools

This app is for the ultimate code cracker. It includes Semaphore, Morris code and Braille. Become a code master with base 64 and substitution. This app blows me away! Highly Recommend.


Under My Feet

This app is sooooooooooooooo cool. That’s right “under my feet” because the earth is round. From where I am, Argentina is under my feet and Hong Kong is above my feet. I think that’s how it works? Otherwise I’m not sure what AMF and UMF stand for. Highly Recommend!


Talking Ben the Dog

Interact with Talking Ben! Poke his newspaper, make him answer the phone, watch him perform chemistry experiments. I like this app because while Ben is a neat virtual character, he also interacts with his environment and the user. Highly Recommend!



This app is a gateway to the website, an excellent resource for the deaf. Highly Recommend!


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