Apps that will prosper on the iPad 2

Mar 10, 2011

I’m the Managing Editor of and We are featuring great apps and games that will work best on the iPad 2. Here are some of our apps selections.

Daily for Craigslist Unlimited (Multi-Device Version) – Mobile Shopping & Classifieds

Front and rear-facing cameras on the iPad 2 will allow you to add photos to your CraigsList listings and generally be more interactive with the app.



The HDMI cable will allow you to connect your iPad 2 directly to a television or larger screen. This eliminates the need for an Xbox or other Netflix carrier device. The A5 chip should also help with streaming and video quality.


Word Lens

The revolutionary language translation app can literally cover more territory now that the iPad 2 is enabled with cameras.



While early reviews of the iPad 2 camera are mixed at best, we all know that independent app developers have a way of reinventing hardware capabilities and coming up with something new. I can’t wait to see what the Hipstamatic developers do, and this is surely one of my first downloads.


Amazon App: shop, browse, scan, compare, and read reviews

The bar scanning capabilities of the iPad 2 make this a must-have app for shopping at home and carrying around with you on the go.


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