Apps that Interfere with My Ability to do Work when I’m at Work

Aug 30, 2010

I’m an instructional technology coach and currently my life revolves around finding good apps…. sad, I know. So, for lack of a better description, here is my list of (lack of) productivity apps.

Words With Friends Pro

It will completely zap your ability to focus on anything while sitting at your desk. If you leave the notifications on at night, it will also interfere with your ability to sleep.



As long as you have a Netflix account, you can instantly stream movies, tv shows, and documentaries to your laptop, iPad, and your iPhone all at once. Watching three different movies simultaneously beats doing any form of work!



If I need to explain this, then the cave you are living in probably doesnt have wireless anyway. Facebook is the best way to connect with old friends, stalk ex girlfriends, and scare away potential future ones.


Wikipedia Mobile

You’re sitting at your desk and can’t remember what year Journey released “Don’t Stop Believing”. Thank God Wikipedia has the answer. Three hours later you’ve learned Steve Perry’s mother’s maiden name and so much more…. what a great resource!


iTrade – Stock Market Simulator

Free stock market simulator. You manage a fictional $100,000 portfolio. Game resets each month. Even though it’s fake, it looks very official. Great way to impress woman and make them think you have money and actually understand the complexity of this american financial institution.


Google Earth

Check out cool places around the world that you will never get to visit because you don’t do any of the work that will lead to a promotion that will provide you with the income necessary to travel the world….. or just do what most normal people do and try to find your house.

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Pandora – Free Music & Radio

Listen to music all day long. Only lets you skip 6 songs an hour, but you can get around that by just changing to the station to a similar artist.


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