Apps that don’t work

Apr 30, 2010

Avoid these time wasting apps that don’t accomplish their mission.

Touch Scale

This scale does not weigh anything accurately. The instructions state: Balance the small object on your thumb while placing your thumb on the scale. WTF? Pass on this one, it doesn’t work and there are better out there


iFirstAid Lite

I know this is a lite version and there are a few useful tips, but most are common sense. There are better first aid apps and there are more informative lite versions.


Relax Dream

I am not a fan of this app at all. I’m sure there are much better relaxing, music oriented, dreamscapes out there. You can either download the music or you can play it as a quick time file. I felt like it was really difficult to use and slow. It made me cranky, not tired. Agitated, not sleepy. This app is a bad cliche. The best part of downloading this app, is that I can probably use it later for sound effects, especially if I need rain.


Racing Live™ – 25 Prestige Points

When I downloaded it, I thought I imagined it would be an online racing game or something like that. Instead, I found it to be confusing. There’s no racing, just weird point systems and choices and outcomes based on them. Am I wrong? Please help.


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