Apps That Can Be Used to Reduce Costs

Nov 1, 2017

While purchasing a new phone can be extremely expensive, operating the phone can further add to the costs. For example, a phone plan with texting, calling, and data can easily cost over $60 per month, or $720 per year, the cost of a new phone. As the price of goods continues to increase faster than income growth, many apps have emerged to help its users save money. For this reason, this article discusses the apps that can be used to not only reduce the cost with a phone plan, but also other various costs to include gas, online shopping, and groceries.

Apps to Text and Call: Text Me! – Phone Calls + Text (iOS/Android)

As opposed to purchasing an expensive calling and texting plan, Text Me! Is an app that can reduce the cost associated by being able to make calls and texts to other phones with just a Wi-Fi connection. Although this can be limiting in that the phone cannot be used without an internet connection, nearly all locations are Wi-Fi-friendly and can host a signal. Furthermore, this can drastically reduce the price of unlimited plans which are overpriced. If a user did need to have immediate access to a phone, they can pre-purchase a limited number of minutes or texts which is significantly cheaper than an unlimited plan. Even for those who are satisfied with their current telecommunications costs, the app can be highly applicable for those who communicate with those outside of the area as the app supports long-distance calls and texts at no additional cost. Beyond this, others are able to communicate with the app from traditional phones as well, making it one of the most comprehensive and inexpensive apps that can be used for reducing the cost of owning a phone.

Apps to Reduce Gas Costs: GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas (iOS/Android)

Gas is an expense that continues to increase given the rise in prices and inflation. For this reason, GasBuddy is one of the best apps available for identifying the cheapest location for gas in the area. With the ability to save up to $340 per year, users can also search based on proximity as opposed to price if they are in urgent need of gas. Various filters can be applied to the search to include location, brand, fuel time, and amenities. Furthermore, there is a rating system that users can participate in to evaluate the cleanliness and accessibilities of the gas station. As a highly comprehensive app, users can see exactly how much money they have saved from going to a particular gas station as opposed to another one and hence can get a tangible view of their savings. Although there may be other gas station apps available, GasBuddy is one that rewards its users who can participate in a daily draw that gives out $100 in free gas to the winner.

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Apps to Save on Groceries: Checkout 51 (iOS/Android)

Groceries are one of the most consistent costs in a household that can be tens of thousands of dollars a year depending on the size of the family. Given the large expenditure that is associated with groceries, Checkout 51 is one of the most applicable apps that can be used to reduce this cost significantly, especially if it is utilized in the long-term. Through the app, several things can be done to save cost which includes getting cashback on groceries, getting discounts on weekly groceries which are offered through the app, and getting paid for various purchases. While only certain items are applicable to the cash back, users simply need to take a picture of their receipt and submit it at which point they can accumulate money and then redeem it in cash. Through the coupons that are uploaded on a daily basis, users can easily save a large amount of money over a longer period of time.

Online Shopping: Paribus – Rebates When Prices Drop (iOS)

Given that online shopping has significantly grown in popularity, many opportunities for saving costs exist. One of the resources that can be used to save costs is Paribus which will tracks the online purchases that are made and then records the price at which the transaction took place. If the same item is later reduced in price, the app will automatically get a rebate from the store and return the saved amount back to the user. In doing so, users do not have to manually go through their purchases and compare the current price with the price that they paid as it is done automatically. Although the app takes 25% if the refunds that are received, users do not have to worry about the process as Paribus deals with the entire process and only notifies the customer once they have received their funds. As one of the easiest apps to use which can help to save a large amount of money for those who regularly shop online, Paribus is a highly recommended app to save money.

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Through the apps presented in this article, users can save a significant amount of money if the apps are used consistently and over the long-run. From saving money on gas to getting the best prices when shopping online, the apps listed in this article are able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the long-run, making them great tools to use reduce various costs as costs continue to increase.

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