Apps that are getting Buzz for SXSW

Feb 3, 2011

in a little over a month all of the nerds will invade Austin for the interactive portion of SXSW. Everyone is asking, what apps do I need at SXSW. Here are the apps I’ve seen buzz about. What’s your guess?

Hashable Mobile

track and share who you are meeting with and introducing. I’m sure there will be lots of #justmet at sxsw hashable moments



at SXSW if you don’t know when and where the next event is you’ll likely find out too late. get on Plancast pre-sxsw and get registered for all the parties.



I personally haven’t used this app yet but I’ve heard it will be a hit for planning with your circle of friends while at sxsw. “create private groups (pods) to stay in touch with your friends, coordinate plans, and share your life. Beluga lets you send and receive instant updates, location info and photos, all via push notification, with NO SMS messaging fees.”



Free texting chatrooms for your real-life friends. Works on any phone. Because most likely twitter will go down at least once an hour.



pictures. check ins. pictures of shoes. pictures of nerd tshirts. pictures of food. lots of pictures.


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