Apps talked about during the Think Mobile Conference

Apr 9, 2010

MediaBistro’s Think Mobile conference brings app developers, ad networks and media together looking at solutions for making great, profitable mobile solutions for companies. Here are some of the apps mentioned during the two-day event at New York City comedy club Comix.

Knocking™ Live Video

This app, developed by SourceBits is only one of the company’s popular apps. The company stresses making apps that can be used on both 3G and wireless.



Also by SourceBits, this app is a viral instrument. The company stresses a wow factor and focusing on one good feature.


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

Just as Director of Business Development Ian Geller took the stage, the announcement for multi-tasking apps came from Apple. Now you can listen to Pandora as you surf the web.


AP News

Global Director Michael Boord talked about deciding what platform your app should be on…a few with more app engagement, or all of them at the cost of more development.


Taylor Swift

While many of the day’s developers spoke about very tailored complex apps, Mobile Roadie presented an option for easily creating templated apps that cost far less. Recently their technology was used during SXSW for Levi’s Fader Fort.


NBA League Pass Mobile

Live TV being brought to mobile has been epic, and MobiTV has helped this happen in apps like NBA League Pass. Senior Director of Partner and Product Marketing Jay Hinman spoke on the value of streaming video for media.


Zagat Restaurants

In his session “Not a Bug, It’s a Feature” Handmark CEO Paul Reddick talked about the advantages of an app over a mobile site since it can cache and work offline. Zagat is one of the many apps Handmark has created on a wide spectrum of devices.

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Rhythm NewMedia is working with major broadcasters to put your favorite TV shows in your pocket. VP of Sales Michael Hirshoren talked about the team it takes to build a mobile site or an app on multiple platforms.


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