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Jan 25, 2010

I’m an English teacher living in Japan, prone to forgetfulness, and living on a highly fluctuating income.

What follows are mostly apps I wonder how I did without. I’ve come to rely on them a lot, and I’ve spent far too much looking for the ultimate app for my needs. The last is a multiplayer online strategy game in which I get to test my wits against other players, and it never requires I sit down for a long time (I often don’t have the time for long games).

Pocket Informant

Monthview timebars, events and tasks in the same view, two ways to back up over 3G, and constant updates from a very experienced developer. My schedule has a lot of irregularities, and I don’t have enough tasks to know I need to open a task app everyday. This app keeps track of it all!


Active Money Pro

Fast and easy entry of new transactions, great looking UI, good income and expense graphs, multiple account support, and proper currency support.



As an English teacher living in Japan, this is the absolute best for teaching and getting around in daily life.



Lists, records, and outlines with notes attached. Syncs to an online server.



A turn based online strategy war game. I can do my turn when I’ve got just a bit of free time.


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