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Mar 5, 2010

As a junior in college that spends 85% of my day studying and chugging lattes, I have put together a collection of my favorite applications that every college student should have to survive each semester. I have tried nearly all of the apps out there for each of these categories and these are the ones I consider the best of their kind and the ones I personally could not get through the school day without.

Flashcard Touch

After trying out at least eight flashcard applications, I finally found my flashcard soul mate with Flashcard Touch. This app works directly with the popular flashcard website which not only has a seamless outlet for creating your own flashcards but also allows you to access all of their nearly 2 million decks housed on their website. You can either load your flashcards onto your iPhone directly from or create them on your iPhone.
My favorite feature of Flashcard Touch is the ability to look up the online definition of a term when creating a flashcard on your iPhone. Instead of having to type in the definition, you simply click “online definition” and it will search for the term online and input it into your flashcard.
You can flip through the cards and mark if you answered them correctly and the terms you answered wrong will show up more often. Overall, this app has gotten me through every midterm and final in the last year and I owe it so much. [Thanks Flashcard Touch 🙂 ]


iStudiez Pro – Homework, Schedule, Grades

I thought I was an organized person… until I downloaded this app. This app allows you to import all of your classes for each semester and then import your tests, homework, assignments and any other important class information you have each semester. It will give you alerts when an assignment due date is coming up and you can check off when you have the assignment completed. It also imports all of your assignments into a clean calendar which allows you to browse through your semester schedule with ease. Great for people trying to keep their classes and assignments in order.

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 Download Dictionary & Thesaurus

Every student should have a dictionary on hand, especially a student like me who is a journalism major and writes and edits papers frequently. This is by far the best dictionary application out there. It also has a thesaurus built in so once you find a definition for a word, you can quickly look up other words with the same meaning. It also has a nice word of the day feature which is great for nerds like me that enjoy expanding their vocabulary and get giddy when they learn a new big word. One thing that also put this dictionary application ahead of the rest was the ability to still look up definitions without the internet. Definitely a selling point for me since I have the iPod Touch and don’t always have access to wifi.


A Tale of Two Cities, by CliffsNotes®

Every student should be familiar with the lifesaving website Cliff’s Notes. Well now they offer some of their most popular book summaries as iPhone Apps. I recently downloaded A Tale of Two Cities for.. um, studying purposes.. okay, I didn’t have time to read the book for my Classic Literature class.. whoops! This application has all of the same great features that the Cliff’s Notes website offers: Book and chapter summaries, character lists, example quiz questions, etc. Even if you are a better student than me and did actually read your book, these applications are still really great to have when studying for quizzes and testing your knowledge of the summary and characters. God bless Cliff Notes for getting me through my Classic Literature class.

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Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Alright, you’re probably wondering why there is an alarm clock application among all of my education and studying apps… well, without getting a good nights sleep and feeling rested in the morning, I wouldn’t even begin to think about studying let alone spend all day doing it. This app is amazing! It’s probably my favorite app I have on my iPod.
It tracks your levels of sleep and wakes you up when you are in your lightest mode of sleep so you feel nice and refreshed, like you woke up by yourself! Much better than a normal alarm clock that wakes you up even if you’re in REM sleep and then you spend the rest of your morning feeling groggy despite the 4 cups of black coffee. This app has changed how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I feel freaking great! I actually want to get up and go to class! Okay… that might have been going a little too far…


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