Apps Jerry Would Love

Aug 2, 2011

I think Jerry Garcia would love these apps, how about you?


Collectives, Doctors, Lawyers, Delivery Services, and all the latest news surrounding the medical marijuana debate. This app is most useful if you live in California.



Greatest quotes from the Dead, “When you get ready to vote, make sure you know what you are doing.” A must-have! Long live Jerry! And I looooove the trippy backgrounds!


AltMeds – The Alternative & Complementary Medicine Community

I looooooooooooooove this app! It has every ailment imaginable and then it recommends vitamins and dietary changes that can be made to solve the problem. It also gives you a short intro paragraph describing the cause of the ailment. Highly Recommend!


Snowy: The Bear’s Adventure Lite

I looooooooove the music and the Nintendo like quality of this app. Fun and easy to play. Great for kids



It’s classic Pac-Man on your iPhone. What could be better


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