Apps if you have Blossoming Teens!

Aug 23, 2010

Try these apps if you have teens that are beginning to show signs of independence!

Qik Video Camera Pro

First off, there is no need to believe them when they call telling you where they are. Just have them download Qik and SHOW YOU. All you have to do is view their live channel online.


Textionary (free)

Secondly, let them know that you understand all of their secret message code’s. You are hip and up-to-date with their BRB and KIT.


FBI – Most Wanted

Although it may seem cool to be on an exclusive list, let them know that there are many lists their name shouldn’t appear on. After all, you’ve worked so hard for the house you live in, no need for the FBI swat to mess it up. Haven’t you seen the BLING RING?


Fake ID Lite

Make sure they know that they aren’t amongst the first generation to make fake I.D.’s. Use this app and flash your FBI badge. Tell them that getting caught using a fake I.D. leads to a condition that will cause them to remain pubescent forever. Just like if you pee in the pool, it does turn blue/green and everyone will know!


Life Expectancy Calculator

Lastly, calculate in front of them how long you will live. This will make sure that they understand; dear old mom and dad won’t be around for forever. Guilt helps! Good Luck!


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