Apps I will never use but will never get rid of either

Jun 4, 2010

There are those apps that just never get the use they should even though you love them. These are mine. Either because their weird or useful (just not right now) or make me seem like a better person these apps will not leave my phone regardless of how often they are used.

Google Earth

I love google earth. It’s awesome and amazing and so incredible to think we have this information available to us. And yet this app just sits there on my phone, looking at me and wondering why I don’t use it. What can I say? It just isn’t something that i need to get my work done or fine a good Thai restaurant and so it just doesn’t get a ton of use.


Discovery Channel

I’m smart and watch smart programs. Or at least if someone steals my phone that’s likely what they’ll think because I have this app. In reality I rarely watch TV and Shark Week has ruined me for all ocean swimming forever. Still, one day I’ll stop being scared and start watching this app. As long as it doesn’t try to eat me.


Seafood Watch

I love this app. I love how good it is and how useful it is. It’s just that in general I eat fish when I’m in my hometown and I know what fish is good there and what isn’.t. One of these days I’ll eat fish while travelling. And THEN I’ll totally use this app.



Creapy flute app. You can listen to other people all over the world playing creapy flute and play it yourself. What’s not to love?


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