Apps from the TechSoup Contributors Summit

Feb 17, 2011

I just spent two wonderful days with great people from around the globe at the TechSoup Global Contributor’s Summit. I’m absolutely certain that the people in those rooms will be key players in the future of this planet.

So what do the great minds of nonprofits, foundations, corporations and other talk about when it comes to apps? Lots of things from accessibility to citizen activism to micro loans. I’m sure I missed a few so let me know if there were other conversations at the summit around apps and I’ll add them here.

Accessible Minesweeper

This was the first app I heard discussed at the summit. Talking about accessibility brought us to this great application, built with accessibility in mind by the first blind developer. I’ve reviewed the app so check that out but one way or the other, read about this app. Fantastic!



Wish you could do something about that downed stop sign or pothole in your neighborhood? Well this app lets you report it to your city. Not only that it marks the location and lets you take a picture because information is good. Wonderful use of technology to activate citizens and help us report issues.


Kiva Alerts

Want to follow the status of your Kiva Loan or a loan you’re funding? Yup, there’s an app for that. The interface to this is pretty plain but if you want to track loans it’s the app for it.


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