Apps from the future.

Feb 9, 2011

Some apps that make me feel like the future is happening right now.

Word Lens

When it works it works like magic.


Google Translate

Just plain awesome, cool speak recognition and a pretty decent Swedish accent.


Layar – Augmented Reality

Augmenting the reality for ya. Well maybe the hype has died a bit, but someday soon there will be something cool happening with augmented reality. It has to, or has it?


Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

It’s been there for a while, but it is still incredible.


Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

I had completely stopped checking my facebook page until I installed this sucker. Now I can not resist anymore. It is something with the presentation, the internet is not enough anymore, this is how I want to check what’s going on.


Discovr – discover new music, play songs, listen to mp3s, and watch Youtube videos of your favorite bands and artists

A web of music discovery, not entirely new idea, but still something grabbed me.


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