Apps for your skin

Jul 29, 2010

Try these apps to keep your skin looking healthy!

Skin, Hair & Nails: Women’s Beauty, Health & Cosmetic Tips & Advice on Acne Remover & Eraser

Not that I need to be any more paranoid than I already am, but this app has some great information about diseases and other factors that can affect your skin. Acne, athlete’s food, botox, sun exposure . . . It’s very informative. It also offers suggestions that will keep your skin healthy. The only improvement I would make to this app is that it would be helpful if they would add pictures of the various skin diseases. I don’t need to be walking around thinking I have shingles because as I read the description psychosomatic symptoms set in. This app is worth the download.


Sun Alert Lite

This app uses your location settings, your skin type, and landscape to calculate how much time is healthy for you to spend in the sun. I’m not a scientist, so I wouldn’t know any better, but this app seems very helpful.



What a neat app! It’s basically one person’s story about acne and how she changed her diet and starting exercising and her acne improved. I don’t know why, but I found it very endearing. Highly recommend!


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