Apps for Your Cleanse

Jan 15, 2012

Cleaning out this new year? There are a lot of different options and these apps will help you get started with many of them.

The Master Cleanse

This is the cleanse all your friends go on when they want to drop a ton of weight quickly. While that’s not theoretically what this is about many doctors and naturopaths will caution you on this one. Assuming you want to go for it you might as well choose this app to learn as the other Master Cleanse app isn’t free.


The Power Cleanse

This is a publication of the book The Power Cleanse by Richard DeAndrea, MD And John Wood. Their focus goes beyond just the cleanse to include other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. While book on the phone apps aren’t my ideal if you like reading this way the price of this app is definitely enticing.


Juice Cleanse

A raw food juice cleanse works well for many. That said many doctors and naturopaths will warn you against things that can jack your blood sugar but if you don’t have that issue this may be the cleanse for you.


Amazing Lemonade Cleanse

And the real reason many people cleanse is right here… get skinny quick! Of course you’re losing water weight but whatever right? It’s not your health that you’re concerned with when you do this cleanse.


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