Apps for when you’re disconnected

Aug 12, 2011

While I expect to have no connection when I’m out camping I was a bit surprised today to find that in a town on a pretty major highway I have absolutely no connection… no cell coverage at all and no 3G (or 2G or even 1/2G). It’s amazing to me that there’s nothing here (I’m not far from a ski resort that’s pretty well trafficked and a major city for that matter).

Anyway, what apps do you want when you have nothing? These are the ones I’ve used while here.


The first thing you’re going to do in this situation if you’re at all like me is to check if there really is no coverage. Hum, maybe another carrier? In my case the answer is almost completely no but at least this will help you figure out if you’re on the wrong carrier.


Free WiFi Finder

I usually don’t super love this app but today it wins. It wins because it works without a connection and since some of the other apps on this list will require one this app will get you there… well, maybe. The app is short of a number of free wifi spots including the library nearby but still, it’s better than others that simply won’t work without a connection, you know, that thing you’re looking for?!


Offline Topo Maps

OK, you’ll need to download the maps you want but once that’s done, you’ve got topo maps for your entire area. Not useful if you’re not going anywhere interesting but very helpful for when you can’t get your built in map to work.



You’re gonna have to find a wifi connection first (see above) but once you do this will help you find the grocery, gas station and a restaurant. I like this app better than others for times when you’re disconnected because you don’t really need a bunch of functionality that will take longer to load. You’re likely in a fairly small place and this app will get you there quickly.

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