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Aug 9, 2016

Long gone are the days when a woman’s only tracking device for her menstrual cycle was a dot.

Practical iPeriod a woman’s best friend

The iPeriod app forever solves the problem for women of having to remember the date of their last period. It’s inevitable. It happens to a woman at least once in her life when the doctor asks for what is seemingly simple information. She stands there racking her brain because it is marked in code on her calendar at home.  All an iPeriod user needs to do is open this Health and Fitness app and there on the opening page is a history of her period.

The iPeriod provides more functions than just a history of the user’s menstrual cycle.  At a touch of the screen, the iPeriod will predict menstrual cycles and fertile days for up to a year, enabling users to plan vacations and special occasions accordingly.

iPeriod is the original, oldest app of its kind being among the top downloaded Healthcare and Fitness apps for 6 years. Its popularity comes from the reliability, wide range of functions and customization options.


iPeriod users can log ovulation, flow strength, cramp levels, notes and love connections. For example, iPeriod users can utilize icons to rank their flow as light, medium or heavy as well as their mood as normal, sad and irritable.  For couples looking to conceive, this is an excellent way to track fertile days and when they have attempted to get pregnant.  The iPeriod app also offers a summary statistics function, enabling users to average their cycle over the history of logged data.

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Users can back up their data by e-mailing it to themselves.  They can also tell friends about the iPeriod through the app itself. And for added privacy, you can load the iPeriod app to new page and protect it with a password.

Long gone are the days of the code on the calendar.  With this app, women can track their menstrual cycle with ease.

Tracking cycles a cinch with free Menstrual Calendar

To start, users enter their most recent cycle. Based on the entered data, users can track the predicted start of their period, fertile days and ovulation days based on the information logged by the user. Free Menstrual Calendar users can rank their period as heavy, normal and light and log any spotting that occurs.  This is beneficial for women who have started a new birth control pill.


The free Menstrual Calendar app links to, enabling users to sync and back up their data on the Web site through a free account.  The online link provides additional educational information.

Female users can use the Free Menstrual Calendar app to record intercourse data, with color codes for protected and unprotected sex.  Paired with the predictions of fertile days, this can provide a couple with the needed tools to get pregnant.  The app also provides users with an optional privacy code.

However innovative, this health-and-fitness app lacks in navigation ability.  The Free Menstrual Calendar provides women with the opportunity to plan in advance, but users must scroll between months.

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The Free Menstrual Calendar app is a great excuse for women everywhere to take back their calendars.

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