Apps for the TechSoup Global Contributor’s Summit

Feb 12, 2011

Next week I head to Santa Clara for the TechSoup Global Contributor’s Summit. I’m excited to go and meet partners from all over the world and to be surrounded by tech savvy nonprofits from around the world.
Like any summit there will be a lot going on and these are the apps I’ll be using to follow the summit and connect with the folks I meet there.

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

Again and again this is my favorite tool for conferences. While taking notes it can be hard to keep looking at a hashtag on your computer screen so of course, you need a second screen. Yup, Hootsuite on the phone has you covered. Add tags, respond to tweets, all pretty easy from this app.



I’ll admit that I’ve never used this app but while business cards are cool to see, having the information transferred directly can be very helpful. We’ll see if I get a chance to use this one at the conference.


Santa Clara, California Virtual Map

One of the hardest things about any conference or summit is getting outside. I’ve spend entire conferences never leaving the hotel/conference center. As I attend more of these I realize that I can’t do that. Outside is good for the mind, to recharge, clear the head and get energized for the next event. This app will help me ensure that I get a decent walk in each day, now if it just came with a buzzer to make me pull myself away!


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

Susan Tenby, I’m so going to be the mayor of this summit. It’s on baby!
Yes, I’ll admit that being the mayor of different conferences is fun but really, it’s also great to see who else is checked in. I’ve made friends and connections at conferences from foursquare alone. But still, I will be the mayor!

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I’ll forget something. It always happens. Woops, how did I leave toothpaste at home, or man, I wish I had some advil. Need to find a drug store, a restaurant, a supermarket? This app isn’t going to tell you much about the quality but it’s a great tool for finding something close by in a pinch.



AroundMe isn’t going to tell you if that restaurant or bar outside of the hotel is any good, it’ll only tell you if it’s close and in what direction. When I’m at a conference I always cross reference a place for food or drink with Yelp. You can’t judge a book by the cover or a restaurant by it’s smell.


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