Apps for the Social Networker

May 28, 2010

Ever attend a social networking meetup or tweetup of any kind? Wish you’d remembered business cards or had access to your calendar to lock down a meeting with someone? These apps make it easy to carry your new contacts with you.


No business cards? No problem! Both parties need the app, but simply “bump” your phones in the direction of each other (no actual touching necessary!) to swap information – whatever contact information you want to save.


Tungle – Calendar sharing & scheduling

Meet someone you just have to stay connected with? Check your schedule, plan a meeting, and jot it all down – from this one single app.


Echofon for Twitter

I’m partial to Echofon instead of Tweetie (or Twitter as it’s now updated), but choose your favorite Twitter client and favorite or bookmark the hashtag for whatever group or meetup you’re attending – then put it away! Until after the event anyway… pay attention while you’re there, then check on the chatter later.



If you’re a blogger attending one of these said events and plan to write about it, using the WP app (assuming you use WP as your blog platform), you can jot down notes and start your post from wherever you are.


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