Apps for the Pop Culture sponge

Jan 22, 2010

These apps indulge my inner pop-culture freak.

Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

I never get sick of it – it’s helped me identify songs I’ve wondered about for years, and is an essential tool in Memphis, where the radio is constantly playing amazing blues, country and soul.



Satisfies my need for incredible visual stimulus-an ever building repository of current and vintage design and creative thinking.



I got bored with the iPhone camera, but this breathed new life into it for me – fantastic vintage-y looking photos that are a mix between Super 8 and the 60s Kodak photos.



Amazing app that gives DIY instructions on everything from how to make your own soaps to thwarting an abduction attempt!



Fully addicted to this game – it was made by someone from Warren, RI (near where I was born). Fun to play in groups as well as alone!


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