Apps for the Pet Owner

May 19, 2010

I love my cat more than anything and these are the apps I use to care for him.

Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten

When I first had him, my poor cat choked. I wish I’d had this app, which features information on how to help a choking pet, a bleeding pet and other ailments. It has videos AND instructions. I hope I never have to use it for anything serious, but I rest easy knowing it’s there.


MiPets – Pet Info Organizer

I can never remember if my cat is due for a shot or not. This app tracks all his information for vet appointments and allows me to email pertinent care information to my petsitter when I’m out of town. Love it.


flickr Photos

It’s the easiest way to show my friends and family photos of my little furbaby.


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