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Jul 29, 2010

Try these apps to make life at the office a little more interesting!

An Office workouts

A complete work-out for office junkies. This app is very informative. It gives you a picture of the stretch, a description, and the benefit of the stretch. Great for planes, trains, automobiles, and the office!


Office Assassin

The intro video to this app is hilarious! And the game is fun too! Just assassinate the cronies!


Office Heroes

I think this game is funny and I can imagine a lot of people liking it. I think it would be fun for people who love games like Farmville. I have two gripes with this app, one is that anything that involves working in an office gives me anxiety. I hope I don’t ever have to go back! The second is that I don’t like apps that make me login or register. As a fan of developers, I can see the benefits of having to login and register and maybe most people don’t mind. But for me, it’s always a deterrent. I don’t mind having a username and psswrd and being given the option to link accounts later, but i don’t want to be forced to before I know whether I like the game or not. In fact, I think having to give any info at all the first time I play the game really discourages me. After I decide I like it, then I don’t mind sharing at all.


JotNot Scanner: scan multipage documents to PDF

I was really excited about this app. My imagination ran wild. I thought I would place a business card on the screen of my iphone and then it would scan it. (Just like on a regular scanner) Don’t ask me what I was thinking. I don’t know if this is truly a “scanner app.” Yes, the pro version does allow saving to PDF. But other than that, you take a picture (using the iphones camera), it “processes” the image (making it lighter and clearer) You can also rotate and crop and then it saves. There are also different settings that resemble a scanner, i.e., receipts, color docs, light text, etc. and these are helpful. They do make the image clearer. I guess to make this app better we would have to ask ourselves, what’s the difference between a scanner and a photo app? Especially, since we know how much the iphone camera lacks.

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