Apps for the non-cheesy NY tourist

May 24, 2010

I love NY. I miss NY. I’m visiting NY riiiight now. Thought I’d pull together some apps to make a good time even better.

iTrans NYC Subway

You can either carry around a giant foldable map that screams “tourist,” stand there staring at the map while waiting for a train, or get this app (or one like it). Of the many NY transportation apps, I happen to like this one. Has everything I need: train times and drive/walk/public trans info (generally accurate). Oh, and works offline — super important when you’re stuck in the subway!


Time Out New York

Ummm… not in love with the app, but it’s kind of obligatory. If you’re in NY and want to know a good cross-section of what’s going on, you want TimeOut. I like flipping through the publication better, but having it in app form never hurts. Plus, it’s free so it saves you $4.



Aaaahhhh, finally… all art shows, all in one place, done WELL. It breaks them down by popularity, geolocation, and search. From there, you can search by things like openings, closings, media type, etc. If you’re an art buff visiting – or living in – NY, this app is your new bff.


Local Concerts

I’m in LOVE!!! When I lived in NY a couple years ago and was dying for a live show, I just found myself wandering the streets of the LES aimlessly. So sad. This app changes everything. Lets you find shows by day, artist or venue. You can even hear clips of songs, just to be sure that you don’t wind up with an underground band that sucks. This thing will definitely find itself on more than one list.

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SweetWrap.Me NYC – Sample sale fashion shopping

This one’s for the fashionistas. If you’re visiting NY, you can’t afford to miss the sample sales. This app will let you hit them all… Lets you do a ton of stuff: see the date, location, length of the sale, countdown to end date, put together your own shopping list, and actually be able to see some of the prices on things. Sweet! The only thing that’s sour: the price. It’s $9.99. But if you can afford to shop these sales, you can afford to spend 10 bucks on this app.


Happy Hour App

Booze it up in NY on the cheap. Breaks it down by how far from you, how much $ saved, and a count of how many minutes till it starts (it’s like watching the ball drop, except not). I only wish I had found it earlier. Like, 10 years ago.


NFT Guides, All Cities

I can remember traveling in the days of big, heavy tourist guides. Good info, but a b*tch to carry around. Enter this app. I like NFT guides in general because they’re not as cheesy as a lot of others, and the app doesn’t disappoint. There are so many ways to find things, it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Even in the parts of NY that I know pretty well, I found cool new stuff. Well done, NFT.


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