Apps For The Music Fan

Feb 12, 2011

I love music and I love that the iPhone/iPod Touch is the ultimate gadget for music fans! You can store music, music videos, stream radio stations, play music-based games, and more. Here are my personal favorite apps I want to share.

AOL Radio

Why pay $15 or so a month to access a ton of radio stations when you can for free? AOL Radio offers something for everyone including pop, rock, hip-hop, country, jazz, kids music, and so much more.


Top 100s by Year by Bing

Can’t go back in time? Top 100s by Year is the next best thing. Spanning from 1947 to 2010, this app plays the top songs of each year in random order.



Stream all your favorite songs and playlists from your MOG account onto your iPhone or iPod Touch! Requires a paid MOG account to use but the app is free.



If you love to sing and/or want to sound like a professional, LaDiDa is magic! Sing into the phone(or earphone/mic for your iPod Touch), record, and listen. You can also choose from a few different music styles including A Capella and Rhythm Synth Pop.


DanceDanceRevolution S+ (US)

Keep your thumbs occupied while listening to hot dance music.



Not everyone has the chops to be a rock star, but this game sure lets you live out your fantasies!


Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic

I love this app! Its just like a tiny portable piano that plays real piano music. This is one app that will totally impress your friends.


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