Apps For the Kids When Traveling (ages 5 and 9)

Jan 13, 2010

I love apps – and when I travel for the holidays, it’s always great to have a few favorites that can keep the kids occupied during airport waits, long flights, and long drives. From experience, I know these apps are winners!

Bounce On

Incredible Mario Brothers type game with tons of levels. The 9 year old’s favorite.


My Hair

Favorite of the 5 year old! Allows you to pick a person, wash it (you actually see scrubbing bubbles), brush it etc. Really fun (for my daughter that is!)


Flight Control

The 9 year old and I both love this game. Hours of entertainment trying to land a plane!


AniMatch: Animal Pairs and Sounds Matching Game

Another great game for the 5 year old – a “concentration” matching game with animials that make their sounds with a match. Great for a quick 5 minute filler.


Colorama – Kids Coloring Book

Really fun for the 5 year old to quickly color in pre-made drawings using supplied colored pencils. Best part is the completed pictures get saved to iPhoto so you can do anything you want with them


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