Apps for the Fashion Magazine Lover

Sep 28, 2010

not enough to get ’em online or in your mailbox – these apps bring fashion right to your iPhone!

Vogue Stylist

I know I could use a little help styling my wardrobe, and this app does just that. Choose trends within the app or upload clothes you already own. The app uses that information to produce a style reflective of recent trends.


Glamour Magazine

BONUS! Free Glee app when you download the Glamour Magazine app!

The Glamour Magazine app allows you to purchase issues and read from your phone.



Happens all the time – we see something in a magazine and want to know where to get it or get more information on it. That’s where this app comes in. Browse the fashion/beauty items in the latest issue and the app will list places near you (once they’ve determined where you are) where you can get the item.


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