Apps for Telecommuters

Feb 14, 2012

These days many people work from home. While you might not be able to every day of the week on those days when you can you don’t always want to spend the entire day in your house. Here’s some apps to get you working from your new “home away from home”.


If you want to get far away from your home this app is for you. With a mifi or other device this app will allow you to get way out in the woods with your work self and also make sure you can get those all important work calls while you’re in the woods.



Great for when you want to leave the house (it’s the whole point) this app helps you not only find locations for working away from home but locations that fit your specific needs. Want coffee? Maybe you just need some quiet? This app will help you find it.



Like it or not if you need some screaming fast wifi Starbucks is often your best choice for wifi on the go. In small towns outside of the library Starbucks often is the best place to get some power working done.


Free Wi-Fi

If the other apps don’t work might as well just do a generic wifi search. This app doesn’t have everything (hello, libraries and coffee shops!?) but it’s a start.


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