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Apr 17, 2010

I was lucky enough to win the lottery to get to go to TEDx Seattle (#TEDxSEA for those that would like to read more). It was quite possibly the best event I’ve been to all year. Inspiring speakers, lots of talk about technology and how when done well it can help with the world’s problems and great networking and inspiration.

If you ever have a chance to go to a TED event I highly suggest making time to go. These are the apps we talked about at TEDxSEA or the ones I used while there. If you were there with me and want to add to this list of good apps for a TED event please do in the comments!

Thinklabs Stethoscope App

I can’t say that I’ve tried this app as at this cost I simply can’t afford it just to play. That said this app was discussed as one of the many ways iPhones and other smart mobile devices can be used to get medical help to those who don’t have access to doctors.

We learned that in Tanzania there are 50,000 people for every doctor so using a mobile device to help nurses and others with diagnosis can quite literally save lives. Another app that is coming looks into ears to check on infections and share with doctors.

Check out the great things these developers are doing for a truly inspirational look at how technology is being used to save lives. Fantastic!



You probably know TED and frankly this app is more for the after effects of TEDx withdrawl than for the event itself. That said having this on your phone is a must from what I can see. You already have your phone in your pocket, why not keep some inspiration there too?


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

You are at TED and that means you’re probably a geek. It means you’re surrounded by geeks. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what geeks are nearby?


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

If you go to a TED event you owe us. No really. You see to get in you have to be one of the lucky chosen few to win the ticket lottery- a chance to buy a ticket. Many of us won’t get in. For that reason alone you need to share what you’re hearing so we can “be there” too. This is my fav tool for tweeting out and because I tweet from many accounts the full version of this is a must for me.

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