Apps for Seniors

Apr 16, 2010

It’s always difficult to bridge the gap between seniors and technology. But if you’re hanging out with your grandma, perhaps these apps can get her more interested. Most grandparents I know, at least email by now. Also, this can be one small step to help seniors accept technology that may better their lives.

Tai Chi For Seniors

I love this app because tai chi is good for everyone. And it’s very common for a group of seniors to gather together at parks in the early morning and practice tai chi. Have you seen them? Well, this app is great for a little introduction and preparation before fully joining/visiting a group. Improves circulation and focus!


Dollar Origami Lite

This is a great one for grand kids and friends. It’s also good for relaxation, can be done anywhere, anytime and may lead to larger origami projects. Keeps the hands nimble. Good exercise for the finger joints.


Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is awesome for seniors because the keyboard on the iphone can be so hard to get used to. It’s fairly accurate and all they have to do is speak and press send. Although, some of the editing features do involve the keyboard, it’s still a great app because of it’s voice recognition accuracy.


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