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May 27, 2011

Like anyone who has a choice I’ve decided to give up my Memorial Day weekend for a different day off a few weeks in the future. Why? Because I want to “get away from things” by going camping and frankly that means not going camping with the rest of the city! These are the apps I’m planning on using to help decide where to go and where to move to as it will be a fairly exploratory camping vacation.

Camp Where

Pretty much every single campsite available around the US and Canada as long as it’s accessible by car. Really worth it to have this if you’re ever wanting to car camp.


Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™

Find parks. Similar to Campwhere but with slightly different information. Hey, it’s free so why not have a couple of these apps?


GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas Prices at Fuel Stations Nearby

Trouble with car camping… gas. Especially because you’re travelling and everyone knows the gas close to freeways or out in the boons is often very expensive. Might as well save a buck (or a few pennies).



Make sure to check the settings before you download things but really, tons of trails here. You can get camping information, trails for all sorts of sports and trails in all sorts of places. Certainly worth checking out.


Take Ten to the Greater Outdoors

As a long time camper I’ll likely only glance at this app but even for me, it’s nice to be reminded of items I should bring but might forget and this list of outdoor essentials should help with that.


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