Apps for Occupational Therapy skills

Mar 7, 2012

These are great apps for Occupational Therapy needs

Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill Development

THE app for fine motor skills. Tracks data as well.


Count and Write Numbers 1-30

An educational app that teaches young children counting and number writing skills in a fun and effective way. Kids can learn how to count in English and Spanish.

Great for visual tracking.



Gerat for typing, visual tracking



TapTyping – typing trainer suite

Practice typing on the ipad and get data at the same tiime


LetterReflex – Overcoming Letter Reversals & Backwards Writing in Early Childhood Development & Dyslexic Children

A truly integrated approach to overcoming letter reversals from the makers of Dexteria. Incorporates the mind and body.


P.O.V. – Spatial Reasoning Game and Left Right Discrimination

An amazing new app to work on visual – spatial reasoning skills. A must have for any OT.


Typing Class for iPad (Games)

A fun way for children (and adults) to become comfortable with typing on an iPad.


Ready to Print

Developed by an OT, this is a great app to introduce writing or work on printing.


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