Apps for NYC Visitors

Jan 24, 2010

Before traveling to major cities, I do a search in iTunes for any kind of related material that might enhance the experience. This is particularly helpful when traveling with my kids; I like to find audiobooks related to certain cities for them.

Now that apps are all the rage, I alsolike to find specific ones that will make navigating an unfamiliar city a bit easier.


This app was grown in Chicago and provides lots of useful info for a myriad of cities. Probably more for residents than travelers, it’s still useful if you want to know more about neighborhoods.


Free New York City

One word says it all: FREE!


New York Subway

A subway map is essential to visiting NYC.


NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News

One of the best news apps out there. Hope they don’t start charging for content.


Time Out New York

Best publication for discovering things to do in NYC.


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