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Aug 6, 2011

It turns out that thanks to a frequent flyer trip to Florida it is now cheaper for me to go to Nicaragua for my vacation this year than do a local road trip. Indeed, for the money I’d spend I’d not even get to Helena Montana in gas alone for what it will cost me for my entire trip to Nicaragua. Crazy that.

Fortunately for me the new iPhone will be out before I leave meaning that this old phone will be my travel phone. No need to worry about it being left behind somewhere because my newer phone will be waiting for me at home.

In the meantime however there’s some apps I’ll want to check out for my trip. These are the ones I don’t have already that I’ll look into.

Nicaragua Adventure Guide

This one looks to be good. According to the app “The author has lived in Nicaragua part-time for many years” which beats the heck out of the travel authors who have barely stepped foot inside some of the cities they’re writing about. Spendy but looks to be worth it.


Nicaragua VIVA Travel Guides Nicaragua Book

Another travel guide that likely is worth it’s cost. A bit more but it’s always nice to know that there’s a backup when one guide either fails or doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for. VIVA does great guides so this will definitely be on my list to check out.


Spanish-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs

Spendy so it’s hard to say if I’ll actually do this one but from a friend who has been to Nicaragua knowing some Spanish is essential. Sadly being a horrible language learner I know that even if I study for months I’ll need something like this and the fact that it’s offline will also be essential since I won’t have a data plan and will likely be travelling to places that don’t have wifi anywhere around.


AHI’s Offline Nicaragua

Offline maps stored on my phone? Yes please. Sure I’ll have maps and other items outside of my phone but for the quick, I don’t want to look like a total rube tourist, this will be essential.


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