Apps for New Parents: May 2011 edition

May 6, 2011

Let these apps help you during those exhausting first years of your child’s life!

Baby Codes

This app brings Kevin Mill’s book, “Baby Codes” to the iPhone and gives invaluable and seemingly endless tips on how to get your baby (and you) and full night’s sleep. You also rate each tip and the “thumb up” records that tip in your history folder. I would love to see all the tips listed as as well as the shuffle feature so I could choose which tip I want to read. A great app for new ‘rents.



This app is an e-baby book and tip book mashed into a well formed app. You can also opt to share information on social media platforms. A good basic baby-ng app!


White Noise

Give your baby a break from your off-key lullaby singing skills and use this app instead. Choose from a great collection of ambient sounds and songs or from your own itunes library and control the sounds more so it’s more sleep worthy. A great app!


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