Apps For My Trip To DC

Oct 13, 2010

In late November, early December I’ll be travelling to DC for the Housing Assistance Council’s National Rural Housing Conference. I’ll be there for several days and it’s been about 20 years since my last trip so here’s my list of apps to hopefully help me get around DC. If you have more do let me know!

DC Rider

One of the best parts of travelling to other cities is their various transportation options. This app will help me navigate the DC Metro system, hopefully with ease.


DC Going Out Guide

The other best part of travelling is finding new places, clubs, restaurants and the like, to explore and experience. This guide app should help me find places worthy of my cash while I’m in DC.


SwamiCity Washington DC

Wow, this app has a bunch of other apps all together. That may make it my go-to app for the trip. Google, Urban Spoon and all sorts of other great features all in one. I hope it’s as good as it’s reported to be.



My go to app for finding the closest coffee shop or restaurant. No matter what city it’s the quick app I use when I need to find something. Not perfect but speedy.



You can’t travel without Yelp (even if it is fixed). Knowing that the restaurant you’re standing outside of is decent or unedible is well worth this app on your phone. Even when I’m home this app helps me find new places worthy of my dollar.


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