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Jan 24, 2011

I have an app, Parola del Giorno, that is connected to my popular blog of the same name. It helps people to build their Italian vocabulary while hearing the word pronouced. The apps listed here will also help you to improve your language skills.

Parola del Giorno

This app updates daily with new content. Learn a new word and hear it pronounced, too.


Radio 24

Radio 24 is one of Italy’s leading talk radio stations. Full of excellent programming on a variety of topics. Great for listening comprehension practice. Listen to Live Radio or podcasts through the app.


Radio RAI

RAI has been around for decades. Lots of great programmes, news and more. You can listen to podcasts or live Radio through the app.


TuneIn Radio Pro – Stream MLB, NHL, NFL, Audiobooks, News, Talk, Podcasts & Music

Listen to hundreds of Italian radio stations with this app. One of my favorites!


Podcaster 5

Podcaster is an app that I use every day on my iPhone, listening to Italian podcasts AND downloading them to my phone. This app is always improving, and it’s one of the reasons I bought an iPhone in the first place!



An app for the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica. Requires a subscription to read most of the articles in full but well worth it! Hoping la Repubblica adds video, Repubblica TV and podcast content soon.


Corriere della Sera

Another Italian newspaper. Slightly more useful app than La Repubblica because it has videos. Subscription also required.


Radio Deejay

A popular Italian radio station with video and audio podcasts as well as listening to the station live.


This is a great podcast/weekly show about technology, all in Italian! I listen to it as often as I can, and often learn about new apps and technology news by following the show. You can also access previous podcasts via the app, too.


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