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Feb 26, 2011

some of these are useful and others well… are not


this app shows the time in a prettier not so precise time. For example it currently tells me in helvetica of course “It is Twenty To Three”. When I first downloaded the app it was having trouble updating the time but it appears that bug was fixed.



this app advertises itself “anyone can swiss 2.0 – make the perfect swiss style posters”. Essentially you write a short message and it renders a graphic for you in black and white with helvetica lettering. Not sure why this is necessary but it works.



I think I’ll actually keep this helvetica app after my initial trial. You can set multiple timers and give each timer a name and watch the countdown in big helvetica numbers. I like the minimalism of it but also the practical use.


Font Clock

another pretty but I’m not sure the practical use app – this “clock” displays all of the information in text rather than numbers. So it currently says Saturday February 26, Two Hour, Fifty Minute and a moving second time.


Helvetica vs. Arial

think you know the difference between Helvetica and Arial? this app will test your knowledge. you are racing against the time and it gets more challenging with each word. in recent studies… I do NOT know the different apparently. I thought I did.


Helvetica Light – Flashlight “for iPhone 4 only”

turn the flash on the camera of your iPhone 4 on and your screen in large helvetica lettering will say “The flashlight is currently ON” or Off of course.

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